Galfer Disc MTB SHARK Ø180 x 2,0 mm

799,00 kr.

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6 huls montering
1.- GREATER BRAKING POWER: the Disc Shark®’s design means that less pressure is required in the brake line under the most fatiguing conditions, meaning less effort is required to brake. This translates into a 5-10% increase in braking power under normal conditions.
2.- MORE STABILITY: even in the least favorable conditions in terms of temperature (steep gradients, high speeds, high ambient temperature, and large mass), the Disc Shark® maintains stable and consistent behavior at all times. Its structural design adapts to the different disc diameters to achieve adequate stiffness for each model.
3.- LOWER OPERATING TEMPERATURE: the Disc Shark® drastically reduces the operating temperature – a 30% reduction compared to other high-end discs currently on the market – and is manufactured as one piece for greater strength.
4.- LONGER BRAKE PAD LIFE: under normal conditions brake pad life is increased by 25-40% with Disc Shark®.
5.- LIGHTER DISC: the Disc Shark® is lighter than most other high-end brake discs on the market thanks to the optimized design of both the rotor and the hub.

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